My love is a feral cat

If you keep feeding me, I will come back to you I will see you as my ally I will purr whenever you are around Maybe one day I will bathe you like I clean my butthole But for now, I like you I like you enough to scratch you and make you bleed   Keep feeding me, keep my… Read more →


As I was watching the ground from the 20th floor, a funny taste slipping between my teeth. I rubbed the front teeth with my tongue, trying to brush it off. “I should do something useful today.” Took a little glimpse towards my laptop but immediately shrugged it away. I unlocked my phone, opened Evernote and started writing this. I smelled… Read more →

Burning (2018): Movie Review and Spoiler Analysis


I’m on my Halloween marathon! So every October I only watch horror movies throughout the month, to celebrate Halloween. Burning (2018) is actually on my watch list for this month and I got the chance to watch it last week (Also, please follow me on Letterboxd! I just made an account there and keep logging as much as I could!).

Burning (2018) by Lee Chang-dong has selected so many times in international movie festival including Palme d’Or, Cannes Film Festival, and even nominated to represent South Korea for ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ entry in 91st Academy Awards. It is a psychological horror, adapted from Haruki Murakami’s short story ‘Barn Burning’. The movie is sensual, unsettling, puzzling, and crawls under your skin after days! There are a lot to discuss, a lot of layers to be peeled, and this movie easily becomes my favourite.Read more

Oleh-oleh pisau dari Jepang

Part 1. “Ma, aku mau kenalin mama ke seseorang.” Ujar anakku di siang hari itu tanpa diawali angin dan disambut hujan. Aku sudah tahu siapa maksudnya. Mungkin kali ini ia sudah mantap. Anak perempuanku, Arie, memang ku tahu cukup konservatif. Teman pria yang ia bawa ke rumah bisa dihitung jari. Aku tak pernah mengajarinya, apalagi soal urusan pertemanan dengan lawan… Read more →

Book Review: The Wife Between Us (2018) – The next Gone Girl?

The wife between Us
(Foto: Dokuemntasi pribadi Instagram @yunisaputri_)

I just finished ‘The Wife Between Us’. Meski judulnya seperti seolah seperti retaknya mahligai rumah tangga karena (((pelakor))), but this books offers more than that. Banyak yang kesel sama plot-twistnya buku ini, walaupun gue pribadi emang gak pengen terlalu anticipating. Soalnya penulisnya sendiri udah teasing dari awal: “assume nothing.”Read more