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Aku mengamati pundakmu, tampak belakangmu, perlahan menjauh. Lalu pundakmu melebur dan menyatu dengan pundak-pundak lainnya. Barulah aku menyadari kau telah meninggalkan tempat ini, meninggalkanku sejauh-jauhnya hingga pundakmu menjadi sebuah titik yang tertelan kerumunan. Kapan kau akan kembali?Read more

Kekuasaan, Sihir, Dan Kidung Kematian: Resensi Buku “Lullaby” (Chuck Palahniuk)


Pertama kali saya membaca sinopsis buku ini, saya sudah jatuh cinta pada pandangan pertama. Ketika selesai membacanya, hati saya sepenuhnya takluk pada karya Chuck Palahniuk yang pertama kali terbit pada tahun 2002 silam ini. Lullaby, menurut saya bukan hanya novel horror yang menceritakan kematian, black magic, maupun kisah tragis kehidupan manusia yang terlibat di dalamnya. Lebih dari itu, Palahniuk dengan gaya khasnya berhasil membungkus cerita ini dengan sentuhan satir, juga kritik terhadap kehidupan; sebuah refleksi yang bisa jadi renungan kita semua. Buku ini memiliki beberapa tema penting, salah satunya adalah bagaimana kekuasaan bisa melahirkan sebuah terror.

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The Woman On The Antique Store

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I was with my non-vagabond non-adventurous family, consisted of young parents and me as the only child, when we were visiting an antique store somewhere uncertain. My dad is a very tall young man, with blonde and wavy hair -though he’d look better with glasses- while mom is an average lady on her age. Not skinny, not tall, she dyed her boring haircut with caramel color.Read more

What Shall Remain Untitled

I’ve been bailing from my own ground, wandering into emptiness where everything seems so slow and meaningless. I’ve been raging on my own decisions to go from where to nowhere, but I can’t stay mad forever, I have to go on. The world is riding its roller-coaster to unknown and I’m one of the passengers. Just the thought of it… Read more →

Lucid Dreaming

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So I just realize this for the past two months, that I actually have the ability to lucid dreaming. I know it’s hard to imagine. But anyway, it did happen.
Remember that typical dream that only lasts for a moment? No color? Sometimes it’s monochrome, or in pale tone? There’s less dialogue and everything is just out of rationality?Read more

Surviving the Finite World

In Sex Evolution We all know the world is finite. The non-renewable resources such as food, energy and fresh water have bear witness that our world naturally constructs a finite sphere. The world was constructed by the accumulation of biological process, involving environment changes and selection, as we may call it evolution. At practical level, individual tend to subsist their… Read more →

Deduction Game!

It’s Deducting Time! This is probably my favorite game among others. Honestly, I don’t have a name for it. Not that I didn’t think about some possibilities, I just haven’t found the right one to depict the whole notion of it. Some of you may call it ‘observation game’. In general, it could be seen like that. But I wouldn’t… Read more →


If you ask me how I see the life, I might have no answer for that. But if you ask me how I see human being, I might have various answers. Someone once asked me, what do I want to be? Do I want to be a big fish in the pond, or a small fish in the ocean? His… Read more →

What Made Sartre and Beauvoir Are the Best Couple in the World

“Didn’t we all want an intellectual partner with whom we could share our work, ideas, and slightest thoughts? Didn’t everyone want to write in Paris cafés amid the clatter of coffee cups and the hubbub of voices, and spend their summers in Rome in complicated but apparently harmonious foursomes? Who wanted monogamy when one could have freedom and stability, love… Read more →