Better Life: My Approach To A Healthy and Stress Free Lifestyle

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So it started about a month ago, when I suffered from tonsillitis. You know, that inflammation in your throat and nasal area. I got tonsilitis two times within two weeks and cold a week after, it made me notice that I have a low immunity against virus. I easily get sick, and I hardly forgot how being healthy feels like.

Though, I realize what makes me so weak.

  1. Sleep deprivation
  2. Lack of vitamins
  3. Lack of excercise

Beside that, I also suffered from extreme mood swing and stress. I read a lot of articles and found out that those previous bad habits caused me to release so little amount of serotonin. Yeah, that hormone which makes you stress free and could bring you enough positive thoughts and shit.

So I changed my lifestyle about a week ago.

  1. I tried to cure my sleep disorder by drinking milk and whole grain bread before sleeping.
  2. No alcohol at least 2 hours before sleeping
  3. This is my favorite part. I woke up early to go swimming. Luckily we have a swimming pool in the apartment. So I don’t have to go to public swimming pool.
  4. Replacing my snack with banana, or cheese and peanut butter. (My favorite peanut butter is the chunky one)
  5. Drink a lot of water.

And starting from yesterday, I change my eating habit. These are my super cheap list of groceries.

Banana. Variated price, it depends on the weight. Sunpride also sells banana on a single package.
Whole grain bread.
Whole grain bread.
Peanut Butter
Chunky Peanut Butter. I was about to buy JIF but the chunky one was out of stock, so was Skippy. And Skippy is kinda pricey. Morin taste good, nevertheless.
Capilano Honey.
The only reason I bought this brand of milk is because it was sale 30% off than normal price. And quite tasty, tho.
Valencia Oranges.
I just found out that Energen has this kind of product. Actually I bought it because Quacker was out of stock. But hey, it has dried fruits in it. And it’s quite tasty, tho.
It really tastes better. But again, I bought this because it’s a lot cheaper than Kraft or any other cheddar cheese. Yet the taste quite yummy. So much winning.

I also change my menu. I haven’t think about any other variation but this is what I had yesterday.

This is my menu for breakfast. Some articles said that the most important time to eat is in the morning, breakfast. So I gave it a try by adding a lot of calories in one portion. I had this around 8am.
photo 3
Two glasses of milk a day. One in the morning, one before sleeping. They say it’s good for releasing some serotonin. Believe it or not, I think it’s working.
photo 2
This is what I had on lunch. Actually I think I could switch that with the breakfast for variation. I had my lunch at 1pm. Before midday, I ate a piece of banana. And before dinner, I ate some pieces of cheese and an orange.

For the dinner, I ate 100 grams of meat with rice and shrimps. And some martabak with talas cake. Yes, I ruin my fuckin diet. But hey, at least I was still on the track. And no picture for the dinner, sorry. It was not on my diet menu. I went home to Bogor this weekend and I couldn’t argue but to ate what was on the dining table.

If you’re curious of how much I’ve spent for the groceries, forget it.  I lost the facture so I can’t give you the actual price. You can always check it on the nearest convenient store around you.

Thank you for wasting the valuable 2 minutes to read this post. Now you can carry on with your life again.

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