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What Shall Remain Untitled

I’ve been bailing from my own ground, wandering into emptiness where everything seems so slow and meaningless. I’ve been raging on my own decisions to go from where to nowhere, but I can’t stay mad forever, I have to go on. The world is riding its roller-coaster to unknown and I’m one of the passengers. Just the thought of it… Read more →

What Made Sartre and Beauvoir Are the Best Couple in the World

“Didn’t we all want an intellectual partner with whom we could share our work, ideas, and slightest thoughts? Didn’t everyone want to write in Paris cafés amid the clatter of coffee cups and the hubbub of voices, and spend their summers in Rome in complicated but apparently harmonious foursomes? Who wanted monogamy when one could have freedom and stability, love… Read more →


        So couple nights ago I decided not to stay in my boarding house, instead I took a train back to my grandmother’s house. Because my grandparents are still in Malaysia for some medical check-up. I met up with my brother (who works in central of Jakarta) in the station, so that we could get back home… Read more →

Semangat Kecil Untuk Kevin

Tepat kemarin, hari minggu yang lalu saat baru saja pulang dari tempat arisan, tanteku bercerita mengenai Kevin. Kevin adalah anak dari salah satu tetangga di kompleks ini. Usianya baru saja menginjak 13 tahun, mengingat Kevin baru saja masuk SMP. Siang itu, para ibu-ibu arisan dikejutkan dengan kenyataan bahwa mulai sekarang Kevin harus bergantung pada kursi roda. Ceritanya, 3 bulan yang… Read more →

Surat Cinta #1: Untuk Ibu

22 December, 2012 9:44 AM Ibu, surat ini kutulis karena hari ini adalah harimu. Surat ini kutulis sebagai bentuk rasa cinta dan hormatku. Surat ini kutulis sebagai bentuk kekagumanku atas adamu. Dan terlebih, bersama surat ini aku antarkan ucapan selamatku, bu. Selamat hari ini 84 tahun yang lalu, seluruh Ibu, seluruh perempuan di nusantara duduk bersama, berpikir kritis dlm satu… Read more →

Favorite Quotes of Anaïs Nin

I read literotica like L’amant of Fifty Shades of Grey but nothing like Delta of Venus by Anais Nin. You know, her aphrosidiac poetry has violently soaked into my flesh, leaving me with pain and frustration; hunger and absence at the same time. Here are my favorite quotes of her piece of art: “As we were condemned to focus only… Read more →

Selintas Karena Hujan Turun

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To write, to read, to draw or simply listen to the music; is the easiest escape from your reality. Being lost in mind is much more like a getaway,like travelling,like reforming the universe,like having a place where we belong to.
Lalu awan pekat itu menjelma segulung kenangan berisikan bulir-bulir pasukan penyayat hati..

Bagiku kini hujan tak romantis.

Hujan itu sadis