If you ask me how I see the life, I might have no answer for that. But if you ask me how I see human being, I might have various answers.

Someone once asked me, what do I want to be? Do I want to be a big fish in the pond, or a small fish in the ocean?

His question however shaped me for who I am now. It helped me emphasizing my goal and focus on it in a way I don’t really understand. (Thanks anyway, you’re amazing).

But then this question rooted somewhere else; since then, I can’t stop seeing fishes everywhere.

If I ever write a memoir, I’d put ‘self-alienation’ as one of my favorite agendas. In that time, I’d take myself away from the reality, wading across time and spaces where the clock stops, while perfectly sit and still. I could observe humans very well in that time. Humans remind me of fishes. They swim, here and there. They eat whatever comes to their faces, not the other fishes, but anything inferior, that is any less strong predator, which is lower than them on the hierarchy or food chain.

They swim without any clear direction; some of them love to repeat the pattern, some of them just submissively follow the waves. As vaguely as it could be, they’ll keep repeating it.

Because there’s no fixated destination maybe is why they can’t stop swimming. It also could be that they think at some point they’ll arrive somewhere in anyhow. But where? Nobody knows. Nobody really cares because they have their own beliefs.

Will you end up in a frying pan? Or in a bowl? Or in the hand of a sushi master? Or that you lucky enough to choose your destiny, you’re just aging and die? Is it matter anyway?

What are these fishes doing?

What are they think they’re doing?

Isn’t it odd that these fishes are keep swimming without knowing what is going on?


(At least Dawkins is right, our ancestors are fishes)

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