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Hello there! The name is Yunisa Putri. I’m a Lifestyle Senior Editor based in Jakarta, Indonesia. For some background, I’m an INFJ who majored in French Studies and a Bachelor of Arts of Universitas Indonesia. This blog is a collection of my writings including my portfolio, journals, essays, and other stuff.

I’m an avid reader, a moviegoer, and an enthusiastic observer of popular culture. I might be a little bit quiet and shy at first, but once you get to know me, believe me, we can talk (and laugh) about almost anything. I found it easy to engage in a mentally stimulating discussion from diverse topics such as science, philosophy, and cultural phenomenon.

As a writer, I let myself to be driven by the thirst of knowledge and motivation to be more creative every day. And as an energetic one, I find myself easily sparked off by challenges.

If you happened to stumble upon my website, I believe it’s a no coincidence. Maybe it’s meant to be. You’re most welcome to connect with me on linkedin.

Say hi to me at: me@yunisaputri.com and nandatari.yp@gmail.com

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