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I am mad.

We are mad. We have our own motifs of indignation. We have these outbursts of rage, like the Resistance. But we deny it. We’re on the same urge to resist. Yet we don’t know how, nor when, nor where. Being ignorant is the only choice, even it irritates us.I’m in the urge to resist, speaking up my indignation through my writings, to tell my disappointments towards my beloved country. Our country.

A place we called ‘home’. A home where you’re suffering and your rights as a human are being violated. And you accept that -without questioning- for the sake of your love and your integrity. Have to do something bigger than minding personal goals, which are nothing more than selfishness, based on the concept of an ideal life.

Although this concept is nothing more than an illusion, people are trying too hard to find the happiness. Indeed, a self-gratification.Sad. People are sad creatures living in a sad place called world. When self-gratification is the only purpose for your existence, you’re better stop claiming yourself as the khalifah on earth. Or please kindly run in front of a bus. (Lol jk) Self-gratification is as selfish as masturbation, yet another prove of narcissism.

And like Tolstoy said, “Happiness is an allegory, unhappiness is a story”

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