So couple nights ago I decided not to stay in my boarding house, instead I took a train back to my grandmother’s house. Because my grandparents are still in Malaysia for some medical check-up. I met up with my brother (who works in central of Jakarta) in the station, so that we could get back home together. I didn’t get the same train with him because my class ended up so late, not like it used to be. In the way home, we both went to one of fast food outlet which is famous for the fried chicken. Basically, I was not in the wrong mood. Just some and other things keep bother me but I don’t really buy it. Apparently, I rarely buy an a la carte in this kind of outlet, so I don’t know that if we only could buy two pieces of chicken by minimum. What irritated me the most is, we could only get 1 breast and 1 thigh for each purchase. I just don’t get it. Even when I bought 3 pieces of chicken and still, we will have to take that stupid thigh. I asked the employee about how could that possibly happen, since not everyone like the thigh piece.

He said  “That’s the way it is, ma’am, for purchasing the a la carte”. I was not angry because of him or this ridiculous rule, I was mad because he didn’t give reason, neither helped us. I asked him “Why we should take the thigh? What if I don’t like it? You will still force me to take it, even I was the one who bought it by choice? I’m your customer, I need to know why.” Then, my brother did the talking, and I kept asking questions to that employee. My brother looked a little bit irritated with my attitude, but he covered it with laugh. After a little bit negotiation, my brother could get all three pieces, breasts, but we have to switch it with the package with rice and coke. When the employee went to the back, my brother said “You don’t have to do that, he’s really not worth your attitude”. I was a bit surprised because he wasn’t standing on my side. “Why? It’s his job to give us explanation. It’s his job. He get paid for serving the best service.” “If you have some complains, just talk directly to the manager. You know, that kind of guy is the one who get scolded in his days of works, even it’s not his fault. And you know how much money he get from this job?”

“It’s our goddamn right as the customer. If anyone ever should take the role as the annoying customer, maybe that person is me. I don’t mind at all, someone should be on that role, right?”. He nodded and said “But you don’t push him nearly the edge. It’s not his fault at all, you’re an educated young lady, you know how to deal it without hurting people’s feeling”.
“Today, I got scolded in the office, for something that wasn’t my fault at all. I was upset. I wish I could backfire at my boss. But my professionalism has been questioned. I had to face it. You might not understand this but soon, you’ll know it.” Then he gently stroke my shoulder to calmed me down.

I just realized I was that temperamental. I couldn’t imagine if I was in that employee’s position, taking something that isn’t because of my fault at all. I can’t imagine one day I would be in his position. Maybe I would. And I would be so upset. I was trying to be mature and I was wrong. Mature isn’t only about how you think, it’s about how you maintain your emotions. And for heaven’s sake it’s just so hard to do.

But from that night, I realized that my brother has been so grew up. I’m talking about time that flies.

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