My love is a feral cat

If you keep feeding me, I will come back to you
I will see you as my ally
I will purr whenever you are around
Maybe one day I will bathe you like I clean my butthole
But for now, I like you
I like you enough to scratch you and make you bleed


Keep feeding me, keep my stomach full
Doesn’t matter what you bring to the table
For my love is a feral cat, it needs constant nourishment.

Bring the sashimi or leftover cheese
I would also settle with veggies
I wouldn’t know if you put poison in it, I couldn’t even care less
For my love is a feral cat, it is always deprived.

Excuse me, sir, do you have more catnip?
Cause I still could not recover from yesterday’s ecstasy.
How am I supposed to understand,
The kind of magic you use upon me.


For my love is a feral cat, it will take what it can get
Maybe you will kill me someday?
Promise me, it will be worth it.

For my love is a feral cat,
It was born in the street,
with no beginning, no roots, no parents.
It was raised by the cold world,
with no friends, no family, no mercy.


Meow, hiss, purr
I don’t need you to domesticate,
I don’t need you to complicate it.

But I’ll let you decide,

Whether to love me or to kill me.

Meow, hiss, purr
I know I do not belong to anywhere or anyone.
Little paws are meant to wander
from one you to another.


For my love is a feral cat, it will die here
on the same street, it was born
reuniting with other lonely souls: ghosts, spirits, the unholy.
Nobody will miss them.

Do not pity me. It was my destiny.
to be untagged, unloved, unattached.

For my love is a feral cat,
I will always be around
and you know how to summon me


Feed me.

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