Writing for Allthingshair.com (2017-present) – Green Park Content Jakarta

My passion for beauty and hair has led me to where I am now. I write mostly about hair inspirations, tutorial, hair care and tips. All Things Hair is an independent publisher under Unilever Global.

Lead Copywriter and Content Strategist (2016) – WEBARQ Digital Agency

I manage a team of copywriters. My job is to review the quality of the contents, analyzing the performance, and making sure the contents achieve its maximum potential. I research and make content strategy for social media. Along with the rest of the team, I plan and implement both offline and online social media campaigns for brands.

Content Specialist for Stella (2015-2016) – WEBARQ Digital Agency

Stella is an air freshener brand from Godrej, the leading brand in Indonesia. I managed the social media contents, including the campaign ideas.

Booklet Copywriting for British Council, Newton Fund Project in 2015 – Fostrom Agency

The Newton Fund is part of the UK’s official development assistance program that support research and development for their partner countries. I made the content flow, copy, and info-graphics for their booklet.

Writing for L’Oreal Matrix Indonesia, articles (2015) – Fostrom Agency

Matrix is hair products brand (hair care, coloring, and styling) that is exclusive for hair salon. The audience are hair stylists and hair salon owner. I make monthly editorial contents (4 articles in a month) about Salon Business Tips, Hairdressing Tips, Hair Coloring and Styling Ideas, also Myths and Facts about Hair.

Writing for Tupperware CHC in 2015 – Fostrom Agency

Tupperware Children Helping Children is part of CSR program from Tupperware Indonesia that encourages children to help other children to continue their education through their writings, photos, and drawings. I make weekly articles that promote the program.

Writing for Ategori.com in 2014-2015 – Fostrom agency

Ategori is a youth online publication that serves daily dose of entertainment, pop culture, and humor with articles, pictures, and videos.

Guangzhou Nanyang Tumour Hospital (2014) – Fostrom Agency

Guangzhou Nanyang Tumor Hospital is one of the first hospitals in mainland China to apply intergrated method of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western Medicine. I made copy for their GDN banner and Google Adword.

Writing Company Profile for IEV GAS in 2014 – Fostrom Agency

IEV is a natural gas company that provides cost-effective technology to produce, transport, and deliver Mobile Natural Gas (MNG), aimed for industrial and commercial purposes. I made the copy, content flow, and info-graphics for their company profile.

Writing for Tupperware Men Website in (2014-2015) – Fostrom Agency

This website was made to introduce tupperware men products and is targeted for male audience.  I manage monthly editorial contents, including 3 articles (about lifestyle, news and event) and 1 special coverage about community/ men’s hobbies.

Writing for Darya Varia Website, content creation in 2014 – Fostrom Agency

PT Darya-Varia Laboratoria Tbk is a long-established pharmaceutical company in Indonesia. I make monthly health articles in English and in Indonesian.

Copywriter for MYTEA Campaign in 2014 (3 months) – Bullseye Digital Agency

MYTEA is a tea beverage from Garudafood, Indonesia. I created copy for Facebook Ads and GDN banner. The examples can be seen here.

Social Media Specialist, content creation for Mountea in 2014 (3 months) – Bullseye Digital Agency

Mountea is a soda beverage from Garudafood, Indonesia. I produced the content for all the social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The content is targeted for youngster around 15-20 years old.

Copywriter for Lipton (Media Collaboration) in 2013 (6 months) – Muviladotcom

Lipton.co.id is an official website for Ideafest, biannual conference and workshop about ideas and creativity. I was responsible in managing editorial contents, copy for website,  and making daily articles related to tea and youth lifestyle. Ideafest is sponsored by Lipton Indonesia. Example of the articles can be found here.

Writing for Zine Magazine “Slavemade” in 2013, Mayday Edition – Side project

Slavemade is a zine made by Fiqih, a comic artist. You can write the piece here.

Founder and Writer for “Dialog Asa” in 2013 (Currently inactive) – Side project

Dialog Asa is a media-sharing platform that curates articles which contain variety of perspectives, ideas, and inspirations. We are an Independent platform publishing which is pro-liberated thoughts. We invite contributors from different professions; backgrounds. Our concern is to reach out all subject of interests: humanity, music, technology, etc. All is compiled in ‘Category’. We’re focusing on the content of the article with neat and easy-to-read page, to enhance the experience of reading. The website is currently inactive, but you can see some of my writings here and here.

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