Solved: Hosted Network Troubleshoot on Windows 8

Since two days ago, I had encountered a problem with my hosted network caused by my virtual adapter. I can’t connect any of my device because my virtual adapter decided to disabled itself. But before I know that this was the main cause, I looked down every possibilities by googling and going through all ┬áthe network settings in my laptop. None of those articles help my problem. This is what I have to deal with on the command prompt:

capture-20130722-132847 - Copy

The hosted network has been allowed but when I tried to start it, it is said that the network couldn’t be started. I went to Network and Sharing Center a couple of times and tried everything on the Change Adapter Setting, then suddenly an idea occurred. I went back to the command prompt and check the wireless driver, to see if the wireless supports hosted network. Here I show you how:

capture-20130722-134822 - Copy

Then I went to Device Manager (move your cursor to the right top of the screen, type Computer Management and click it) and went to the Network Adapters. Here’s what I did:

capture-20130722-133548 - Copy

Then click Properties and go to Advanced. You’ll find list of the properties and it’s value. I found that the AdHoc 11n was not being enabled. It was disabled. So I changed the value.

capture-20130722-134420 - Copy

After clicking ok, you’ll be redirected to the Device Manager. But now in the Network Adapter section, you will see Microsoft Virtual Adapter. Right-click it, then click Enable (It will be disappear weirdly but I think that’s okay). If you’ve already done that, go back to the command prompt and try again. It worked on me!


Check on Adapter Setting on the Network and Sharing Center the the hosted network has already back. Mine’s back!


Thank you for reading. Hope this helps.

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