The Woman On The Antique Store

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I was with my non-vagabond non-adventurous family, consisted of young parents and me as the only child, when we were visiting an antique store somewhere uncertain. My dad is a very tall young man, with blonde and wavy hair -though he’d look better with glasses- while mom is an average lady on her age. Not skinny, not tall, she dyed her boring haircut with caramel color.

I wasn’t sure why we decided to go to this antique. I didn’t even know on which part of the world were we on that very day. The strong scent of incense sticks strung over my nose as we walked in. The place wasn’t too shabby, but smelled a bit like old books. There were three long and verticals mahogany tables putted on the center of the room, we could see them as we enter the front door. There were some beautiful cobalt and copper with colored enamels on the table. Some other tables on each side of the room were filled with some porcelain wares I haven’t yet to figure. On the first row of this mahogany table were the dragon jar, goldfish vase, and some bone china. The second row was for tea bowl, tea caddy, and black pottery. On the third one there were ceramic stone statuette and funerary vase. The last row gave me a creep.

There was this lady, the patron, with bizarre smile, embraced us warmly and took my parents around to show her best collections. I was dead uninterested with any of those so I decided to tail them from behind, while pretended not seeing this creepy woman kept checking me out. She had this very big head with long and messy black hair. That red lipstick on her lips wasn’t flattering her eerie feature at all. In fact, it was like defining her obscurity. You could get goosebumps just by seeing her funky long nails, her pale skin, and her ridiculous eyebrows. Not to mention her dark and scratchy voice.

To me, she looked more like a ghost rather than human.

She brought my parents to the other room, separated only by a curtain. I stopped following them and decided to look around a bit, which I still regret until now. Only if I had known that was the last time I could see them.

That odd woman came back to me again to the room where I was standing, but without my parents. I was about to panic because it seemed that something was off, then she startled me by saying: “You’re the chosen! We’ve been waiting. Tonight is yours, my lady.”

I said what the hell. Where’s my mom and dad?

“You’re belong to the night, to the moon, to the darkness. You’re the child of hatred. You’re the daughter of revenge.”

She was not listening. I said you’re fuckin crazy. I insisted to go the other room and find my parents. She held my arms, strongly. Her eyes were getting bigger and bigger.

“Look, the moon is ready for you.”

She held me close to her and turn my body over to the window on our left so I could see through it. It was a dark polluted sky, with no stars at all, but suddenly a big helluva moon came closer and got bigger, bigger, bigger. I saw my reflection on the window, my eyes began to turn white. I felt my joints began to loose, my skin started to itch, my bloods heated, I thought I was about to dissolve but suddenly my jaw was getting heavier, and from my pale skin, came out disgusting fur. It was on my back, my chest, and my arms. My jeans all wrecked, my blouse torn off, I was totally naked.

Then I saw my reflection again. I already turned into a morbid yet ugly and less specific being with the bone and flesh of a human. some covered with fur but face like a wolf. My breasts were still there, my vagina was still there. I still stand on my two feet. I’m a monster.

One thing that I remembered: I could smell my own blood, even that woman’s blood. I was salivating.

“Now we have to feed you, my lady.”

I tried to scream but the only thing that came out from my mouth was groan.

“First, we have to feed your anger.”

She made me drink something, from one of her bone china. It was turquoise and juicy, stinky like rotten worms. Then I collapsed.

First thing I heard when I woke up is my dad groaning. It wasn’t like mine, it was more like moaning. I believe I was transferred to a different room, in which I was sure it wasn’t the same place where I fainted before. It was a motel room and I was in the bathroom. The bathroom was damp and stinky. I didn’t dare to look at the mirror, so I tried to find the keyhole and looked outside. It was really my dad. He was naked and fucking. The girl was moaning too. It appeared that she was actually screaming and crying, in joy and pain, I failed to figure. Hearing them fucking made my nipples got erection, my feminine juice dripped into my thighs. Then I realized it was not my mom, she was a lot younger than mom.

No way, it was me. I was raped. I started to groan and kicked the door with my right foot. My dad scream, the little girl cried. I jumped to my dad and bite his face. I ate him alive while he was trying to resist. Starting from his lips, his nose, his cheeks, his eyelids. Blood was dripping to his neck, yet he was still screaming in pain. I bite his neck until his skin was tattered, then I drank the blood dry. I ripped his chest, with my bare hand, then ate his heart.

“Baby,  it’s me.”

I looked at him on the eyes, while groaning like a monster. I don’t know what happened but the girl has disappeared, the room was changing, we weren’t on that motel anymore. We were on a dark empty room. My dad was wearing the same clothes when we were on that antique store. My dad died with his eyes opened. In my arms.

I groaned so hard that the ground started to shiver. I tried to speak to the woman, because I still felt her presence there, she watched the whole show. But all that came out from my mouth was an ancient language. Or animal language.

You made me kill my own dad. What is wrong with you? What do you want?

“In order to gain more power, you cannot feel love. So we have to kill any possible sources”

I said fuck you, what did you do to me. i should kill you. Show me your face.

“Your hate to me is the only bond that we have. Beside, the more you hate anything, the more power you will gain.”

Let me kill you, you bastard.

“You should be glad, killing feels so good, ain’t it. Don’t ever resist.”

I groaned and cried while standing on my knees. I covered my face with my furry yet bloody hands. The sky was getting darker. The moon began to shrink.

“Now let’s find your mom.”

to be continued

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